SMP Journal


Sonoma Mountail Journal 2019

Highlights the process of creating the North Sonoma Mountain Ridge Trail,  updates on SMP hikes, plans, and initiatives, how conservation easements and other legal agreements work to create land legacies, a map guide to the beautiful East Slope trail, and a tribute to Ted Eliot

Sonoma Mountain Journal 2018

Highlights recreation on Sonoma Mountain and throughout its range.

Sonoma Mountain Journal 2017

Highlights the stories and effects of the 2017 wildfires on Sonoma Mountain.

Sonoma Mountain Journal 2016

Highlights Sonoma Mountain’s west side, from Adobe Creek near Petaluma to the North Slope Regional Park. Discover Gravity Hill, Penngrove Rock Ranches, Fairfield-Osborne, and Adobe Creek Hatchery.

Sonoma Mountain Journal 2015

Highlights the artists, visionaries and spiritual leaders connected with the mountain

Sonoma Mountain Journal 2014

Highlights the Sonoma Developmental Center–its past, present and future